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IRTA-GIP is the Integrated Pest Management Advisory Service for the food industry.

The control of pests that affects raw materials such as cereals, nuts, legumes, aromatic and medicinal herbs, spices, cocoa and any of the foods made from these raw materials, has been based on insecticide treatments and fumigations in toxic gases. However, there are increasing restrictions on the number of chemical compounds registered for control and the maximum residue level (MRL) allowed in final food products.

Within the framework of an advanced system of sustainable food production, integrated pest management (GIP) is the appropriate response to meet consumer demands for high quality products and at the same time minimize environmental problems. and safety related to pest control. The implementation of GIP programs prioritizes preventive measures, whether physical, chemical, or biological, over the application of control measures when strictly necessary.

Since 1997, IRTA has maintained a line of research applied to pest control that affects these products from storage as raw materials, during processing to distribution to the final consumer.


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