Current threats in plant health for fruit growers: tools to deal with them

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IX edition of the Plant Protection Day

This year, the Plant Protection Day that drives IRTA's Sustainable Plant Protection Program will be held in Lleida at the new facilities that have just been completed thanks to the "PECT, Agrobiofood" project and other funding from IRTA, dedicated exclusively in Plant Health to help promote research and advice in the sector.

Three papers will be presented on the challenges posed by some of the invasive and emerging pests and diseases that are of most concern to the fruit sector and the advances for their prevention, and a paper to present the new Plant Health Hub of Catalonia. To complete the day, there will be a guided tour of the new plant pathology and applied entomology laboratories, including the NBS3 biocontainment module, the first laboratory of this type in Catalonia to work with organisms considered to be quarantined in the EU, such as Xylella fastidiosa among others, in conditions of maximum biosecurity. The PECT Agrobiofood project is financed by the OP FEDER de Catalunya 2014-2020.

Price: Free
10:30h - 13:00h
limited seats


10.30 a.m. Welcome and presentation of the Plant Health Innovation Hub. PECT AgroBioFood Project Speaker Rosa Altisent Manager of the IRTA Plant Area.
10.50 a.m. New and old pests that pose a challenge to fruit growers in Catalonia Dolores Bosch Researcher of the Plant Protection Program of the IRTA. Ainara Peñalver Researcher of the Plant Protection Program of the IRTA.
11.10 a.m. Invasive and emerging diseases in fruit trees and vineyards in Catalonia: Potential impact and management strategies Jordi Sabaté Researcher of the Plant Protection Program of the IRTA.
11.30 a.m. New threats and tools to deal with disease control within the framework of the European Green Deal Jordi Cabrefiga Researcher of the Plant Protection Program of the IRTA. Ruben Rufo Researcher of the Plant Protection Program of the IRTA.
11.50 am Current status of postharvest diseases of stone fruit: emerging pathogens Carla Casals IRTA Postharvest Program researcher.
12.10 pm Guided visit to the Plant Health Innovation Hub facilities
1.00 pm End of the day

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