Impact of genetics and nutrition on pig efficiency and sustainability

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The pig production sector faces great challenges in relation to guaranteeing its economic, social and environmental sustainability, in all three aspects the efficiency of production guaranteeing the welfare of the animals is a key element, and in particular it is the efficiency with which feed is used on farms, as on the one hand, feed costs can reach 70% of total costs and its consumption is closely linked to emissions from the farm. The consideration of all these elements in current pig production, from the perspective of nutrition and genetic improvement, is a reality for the sector, and also for research projects of applied interest that are being developed both nationally and internationally. The proposed conference aims, on the one hand, to present research activities applied to the disciplines of nutrition and genetic improvement are being carried out by IRTA with the aim of increasing the sustainability of the pig sector; and on the other, to offer the practical vision of the implementation of some of these developments by companies in the sector.

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15/01/2022 - 31/12/2021
11:00h - 13:30h
limited seats


11.00 h. Presentation of the day. Mrs. Raquel Quintanilla, IRTA. Sr. Joan Tibau, IRTA.
11.15 h. Genetic determinism of characters involved in the efficiency and sustainability of pig production. Juan Pablo Sánchez, IRTA.
11.45 h. Actions on efficiency within a pig genetic improvement program. Sr. Josep Reixach (Batallé).
12.15 p.m. Pause
12.30 Food efficiency and sustainability in pigs Sr. Rosil Lizardo, researcher in the Animal Nutrition program.
1 p.m. Strategies to improve the accuracy of feed for fattening pigs. Pau Aymerich (Vall Companys).
13.30 h. General discussion moderated by Joan Tibau (IRTA).

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