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The many organoleptic attributes of olive oil, as well as the health benefits described in numerous clinical studies (PREDIMED), are some of the factors that are spreading the consumption of virgin olive oil around the world. As a result, there has been growing competition in the virgin olive oil producing sector, which means optimizing production structures and differentiating high quality oils. This differentiation requires incorporating improvements in current manufacturing processes, to modulate the characteristics of the oils, according to the requirements of the target market (color, stability, aromas and flavors, level of antioxidants…) Know the real quality of the oils produced , allows to generate objective information usable in the distribution channels. In this sense and since 1998, the research group of Oliviculture and Elaiotechnics of the IRTA has specialized in the design of programs to improve the quality of olive oils, advising more than 50 mills through the our Advisory Service for improving the quality of Olive Oil, as well as assisting in decision-making to packers from third countries.


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