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Agri-food companies, and in particular the dairy sector, are looking for ways to develop new products with the highest quality, attractive to the consumer and applying the sustainability criteria to the maximum. In such a changing world, the awareness of caring for the Earth is more present day after day.
This day will be the presentation of the activities carried out within the Operational Group (GO) EMBOCHEESE, in the development and improvement of new cheeses, the importance of the control of ripening chambers and the control of product quality with NIR technology. The day continues with the presentation of the GO RUMPRINT, project that begins to walk, where it works in the calculation of the environmental footprint in this case focused in the dairy sector.
This transfer activity is funded within the framework of the project: "EMBOCHEESE: Development of a new concept of sausage cheese and optimization of the maturation process" within the framework of the 2018 call for the realization of innovative pilot projects by the Operational Groups of the 'European Association for Innovation (AEI) in the field of productivity and sustainability of aid to encourage applied research in the field of organic agri-food production.

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Marta Garrón

She is an agricultural engineer, specializing in agri-food industries from the UPC (2000), with a degree in Food Science and Technology from the UAB (2002) and a Master’s in Food History and Culture from the UB (2011). He specializes in the dairy and cheese sector.

For 12 years he has developed his professional experience in the private food and dairy company. He has worked in the beer industry (DAMM) in the development and implementation of industrial and dairy projects in different Catalan and French dairies. He has taught cheese in Agricultural Schools (EA Pirineus and EA Empordà), in the “artisanal cheese” course organized by the Lluçanès Consortium and the Catalan Employment Service (SOC) and in the IRTA Cheese Making Course . Forma part d’un grup d’anàlisi sensorial del formatge i ha participat en diferents tasts de formatges de concursos d’àmbit català, espanyol i mundial.

Since 2013 he has been a research technician specializing in dairy and cheese at IRTA, developing research projects and contracts with private companies. She also develops different dairy training and is the coordinator of the IRTA Cheese Making Course.


10.00 h Welcome Mrs. Marta Garrón innovation technician for the Quality and Food Technology program, IRTA
10.05 am GO EMBOCHEESE: a new concept of sausage cheese Mrs. Marta Garrón innovation technician for the Quality and Food Technology program, IRTA; Sr. Josep Comaposada researcher in the Quality and Food Technology program, IRTA.
10.30 am Collagen gut: Origin and characteristics Mrs. Laia Serra Director of Product Management Fibran Group.
10.50 am Cheesefuet the new way of making and eating cheese Sr. Martí Padrisa, Head of Marketing and Communication Montbrú Cheese Factory.
11.10 am GO RUMPRINT: Calculation of the Environmental Footprint in the dairy sector. Adaptation to the calculation rules of the European Commission Mrs. Assumption Anton and Mrs. Marta Ruiz Integral Organic Waste Management Program (GIRO), IRTA.
11.30 am Open round of questions
11.55 h Closing of the day Mrs. Marta Garrón innovation technician for the Quality and Food Technology program, IRTA

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