Circular Economy in the agro-livestock sector: Pilot tests in Catalonia

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The European agri-food chain is still inefficient in the use of nutrients, mainly N and P, which generates large losses in the chain with a large impact on soil, water and air. Excess N and P in the soil, mainly due to fertilization, causes nitrate contamination of aquifers and eutrophication of surface water.
The aim of this day is to show the agro-livestock sector different innovations in the field of recovery and recycling of nutrients carried out by IRTA in the framework of two European projects of the program H2020 Circular Agronomics (GA nº 773649) and Nutri2cycle (GA No. 773682).
Each block will end with a virtual visit to the experimental facilities developed in the two projects.

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28/10/2021 - 28/10/2021
10:00h - 12:20h
limited seats


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Belén Fernández

Belén Fernández has a degree in Chemical Sciences (1998) and a PhD in Chemical Engineering (2004) from the University of Santiago de Compostela. Researcher in the field of recovery of waste and organic wastewater through biotechnological processes such as biogas production; currently, it also works on nutrient recovery processes (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium). He has extensive experience in contract research with the private sector, participates in activities of dissemination and transfer of knowledge, and participates in the direction of doctoral theses and master's theses.


10.00 Presentation of the day Victor Riau, Biosystems Sustainability Program, IRTA.
10.05 am Organic fertilizer products obtained by solar drying (Circular Agronomics project) Belén Fernández, Biosystems Sustainability Program, IRTA.
10.15 am Fertilizing value of pig digestate subjected to solar drying (Circular Agronomics project) Dolors Villegas, Sustainable Extensive Crops program, IRTA.
10.25 am Analysis of opinions and expectations towards the adoption of emissions mitigation innovations in livestock activity (Circular Agronomics project) Which Kallas, CREDA - UPC.
10.35 am Round of questions
10.50 am VIDEO project Circular Agronomics (Virtual tour)
11.00 am Social Analysis of the Life Cycle of Agricultural Systems: Perspectives and Challenges in Catalonia (N2C Project) Edilene Pereira, Biosystems Sustainability Program, IRTA.
11.10 am Technology for the recovery of nutrients in the form of struvite from agro-livestock effluents (N2C Project) Juan Carlos Bustamante (CARTIF)
11.20 am Bioammoneva treatment system (N2C Project) August Bonmatí, Sustainability in Biosystems program, IRTA.
11.30 am Round of questions
11.45 am VIDEO Bioammoneva pilot plant-N2C Project (Virtual tour)
11.55 am NTF Nutri2Cycle. Bioeconomy in the agricultural sector Carlos Ortiz, Office of fertilization and treatment of livestock manure of the DACC.
12.20 pm End of the day

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